What you’ll be getting

Universal Handheld Device

A stand-alone data-collection device that students can use to gather and visualize data obtained from class experiments, research, and field-work.

Sensors and Set-ups

A total of 20+ plug-and-play sensors and set-ups compatible with the universal handheld device for use in various experiments in biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering.

Laboratory Manuals

Complementary manuals sorted according to year level (Grade School, Junior High School, and Senior High School) based on the Department of Education Curriculum. University or College science courses such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are also available.


Significantly lower cost
(1/10th of price) compared to other modern digital science kits in the market.

Laboratory manuals, sensors and set-ups are tailored fit based from the Department of Education PH curriculum.

Local service advantage compared to other (foreign) brands such as: end-user training, ease of sensor replacement, maintenance, check-ups, etc.

Choose the right solution that fits your needs

Junior High School

Basic Kit

Allows for basic experiments

  • ✓ VISSER Handheld Device (1)
  • ✓ VISSER Junior High School Student’s Manual (1)
  • ✓ VISSER Junior HIgh School Teacher’s Manual (1)


  • ✓ VISSER pH Meter (1)
  • ✓ VISSER Temperature Sensor (3)
  • ✓ VISSER Weight Sensor (1)
  • ✓ VISSER Pressure Sensor (1)
  • ✓ VISSER Power Box (1)


✓ Digital Microscope (1)

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Junior High School Expansion Kit

Allows for experiments from

the Junior High School Basic Kit and more

  • !!! Requires the Junior High School Basic Kit


  • ✓ VISSER Voltmeter (1)
  • ✓ VISSER Ammeter (1)
  • ✓ VISSER Relative Humidity Sensor (1)
  • ✓ VISSER Distance Sensor (1)
  • ✓ VISSER Light and Switch Box (1)


  • ✓ VISSER Laser Box (1)
  • ✓ Track set-up (1)
  • ✓ Electric Generator Set-up (1)
  • ✓ Set of Acrylic Lenses (1)
  • ✓ Set of Masses (1)
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